A little bit about me

blog-fptpBefore I start telling you about my personal experiences traveling and playing sport, let me introduce myself. My name is Ferran Berga, I am from Spain even though sometimes I pretend to be Italian (I love Italy). I am currently studying in the United States, getting a double major in Business Administration and Economics. Currently playing with the West Virginia Wesleyan’s tennis team and I plan on graduating in May 2018. One of my biggest passions are cars, that’s why when I graduate, my goal is to get a job in a car company.


Even though I consider myself to be an independent person, leaving Spain along with all my family and friends wasn’t an easy decision to make. Three years later, I can firmly say that it was one of the best decisions of my life. It helped me to learn new languages, to grow as a person and even to travel to amazing places. Some of the travels I am going to write about happened during the first three years of studying in USA. Joining the Wesleyan’s tennis team has had a bigger impact in my life than what I expected .Being part of the tennis team showed me the real spirit of team work, feeling fire going through my bones before every match because I wanted to do my best for the team and learning to work hard to achieve our goals. That is why I am going to write about the travels and competitions with the team as well. I am hoping to be able to transmit all the amazing experiences I have lived so you can feel like they were yours.



If you still want to get to know me better and start taking a look at the places I have been, check my other accounts. Instagram is where I post most of my trip’s pictures. I like to use twitter and Facebook more as a contact platform.